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YanSlay, is a creative and multitalented being from the DMV.
She is an artist, certified life coach, Livit live streaming content creator, Instagram Live show host, YouTube vlogger, and much more!


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YanSlay The Laptop Life Coach; The Virtual Big Sister

YanSlay is a certified, virtual life coach who serves a multitude of clients in the DMV area and beyond. Her passion to become a life coach came from a place of love and the desire to help people achieve their goals so they can enjoy fulfilled lives. Over the years, she has transformed many lives and has also made aspirations come true through careful planning and training.   She particularly believes in the power of self-love which is essential for emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. This therefore explains why she opted for an unconventional approach to building confidence in people by teaching them ultimate self-love and appreciation techniques with the use of tools like eBooks, online courses and YouTube videos, etc. She is indeed dedicated to helping people break those generational curses that hinder progress, thereby promoting healthy living in all areas of life.   Known for her exceptional organizational skills and natural charisma,

YanSlay has successfully helped many clients to identify and pursue their short and long term goals into fruition. She has a proven track record of delivering some of the most cost effective solutions that act as a game changer to personal growth.     Prior to becoming a life coach,YanSlay had acquired commendable experience as a motivational speaker and live interview talk show host, interviewing influential people like celebrities, politicians and local business.

 YanSlay attended Virginia State University, where she obtained a Bachelors of Science in Marketing with a minor in Business Administration. She is a member of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.   Her reliability, consistency and commitment to hard work have always made her stand out in whatever she lays her hands on, including her blossoming career as a virtual life coach. 

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