Our Story

Our Story 

The figure behind the Melanin Magic Crew is the live streamer and content creator YanSlay.  

After graduating in Marketing and Business Management in 2018, YanSlay like most joined the corporate world only to find out how cruel and unfit it was. Witnessing racism, being victimized for not conforming, and not giving in to sexual harassment, YanSlay soon realized that the corporate world was choking free-thinkers and creative minds.  

From these hard conclusions, YanSlay worked on a way to combine her talents as a live streamer and content creator with her marketing and business knowledge to create an efficient and passive way to earn an income. From this, the Melanin Magic Crew took life.  

Knowing that if she had been the victim of the corporate world, there had to be others and knowing that there is strength in community, she created this platform where merchandise is sold and dropshipped on behalf of content creators. With five seller levels, there is a space for every artist in need of making passive income and increasing their reach. 

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