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Mission and Purpose

The Melanin Magic Crew is a merchandising management company that helps start-up content creators and live streamers (YouTube, Patreon, etc.) gain immediate access to a sizable audience where they can showcase their merchandise with none of the cost or headache that comes along with a owning traditional online boutiques. 

We act as a drop shipping company on behalf of our creators.

Your designs/ graphics with our products! Think of us as a market place chop full of Melanin Magic! 

Commission Levels 

Level 1: 5% commission on site wide items no featured collection 

Level 2: 7% commission on site wide items, 3 design uploads, and a featured collection with 20% commission on collection items 

Level 3: 10% commission on site wide items, 6 design uploads, and a featured collection with 25% commission on collection items


Prizes and Bonuses

At 50 items successfully sold = $50 bonus and 1 Free T Shirt 

At 100 items successfully sold = $100 bonus and 2 Free T Shirts 

At 200 items successfully sold = $200 bonus, 2 Free T shirts, and Free Graphic Art

*Prizes subject to change 

*Only includes items sold under your affiliate link! 


What We Do

  1. Leverage Community Audience -  increases potential reach, chance for sales, and discoverability 
  2. Save Money - NO cost required and NO monthly payment for websites/ subscriptions 
  3. Creates Easy Stream of Passive Income - easy set up with no administrative task 
  4. Provides freedom from toxic workspaces - YOU CONTROL HOW MUCH YOU MAKE!


What You Get 

  1. Full transparency with a consistent pay structure - know exactly how much you earn with every sale instantly as user dashboard creates records in real time 
  2. Extremely low level of effort to create reliable source of passive income -  all you need is a link to get started
  3. No headache of traditional boutique ownership - customer inquiries, shipping, vendor issues, etc. are all handled by us
  4. Prizes and Bonuses - based on milestones and sales goals 


What Makes Us Different? 

No minimum orders and No cost required for membership 

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