Community Guidelines

Criteria for talent

Must be a content creator or live streamer

Must promote positivity with overall positive image and brand

No promotion/ posting of brands, ideas, or concepts that could compromise or endanger the integrity of The Melanin Magic Crew. 


Criteria for designs 

  • No Nudity or Explicit Graphics
  • No Porn or Lude Concepts/ Graphics/  Wording
  • Nothing that compromises or endangers the integrity of The Melanin Magic Crew 
  • Nothing promoting violence, sexism, racism, or intolerance toward others
  • No profanity as this is a family friendly site 
  • Must be appropriate sizing (T Shirts 4500 px * 5100px)( Graphic Art 2592 px * 3456*)
  • Must include title and design description 
  • No copy written/ trademarked material that doesn't belong to you


This is a lifetime membership and items may stay on the site even if our partnership is terminated. Unless the design reflects your brand image directly. Please understand if you are in violation of our community guidelines you and your items will be subject to rejection or removal from the site entirely.


If your design is not approved you will also be notified. If you submit 3 designs that are not approved due to lude/ inappropriate concepts you will be removed from the program and all designs previously submitted may or may not stay on the site. It is up to our discretion to remove designs as this is a life time membership.

If you submit 5 designs that are against community guidelines, for any other reason, your submissions will be put at the bottom of the list and will be considered after we approve everyone else. We will also consider removing you from the program. Please read the community guidelines carefully. 

Approved designs submitted to The Melanin Magic Crew are not to be replicated on your personal site or anywhere else as it would ruin the concept of an Exclusive Collection. If you do not adhere to this agreement up to 3 times your membership will be at risk.

Please also note that you take full legal accountability/ responsibility for any designs submitted. Anything submitted is assumed that you have legal ownership of the design. If anything happens you will be on the hook so please make sure anything you send belongs to you! 

Last updated on 6/16/2021 at 2:00 PM ET

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