About Us

The Melanin Magic Crew is an online boutique that celebrates all things Melanin Magic. Promoting unity and best life living. All of our merchandise is intended to serve and uplift the community at large.

Shop our uplifting T Shirts and Meditative Graphic Art.

The Melanin Magic Crew also supports the community by serving as a merchandising management company that helps Melanin Magic Creatives gain immediate access to a sizable audience where they can showcase their merchandise with none of the cost or headache that comes along with a owning traditional online boutiques.

We are always looking for new talent! Please reach out!

About Us 

As Covid-19 hit the World, we wanted to cheer people up and launched a T-Shirt brand promoting self-love. Shortly, however, we realized that this alone wasn't enough and our focus moved towards helping melanin creators struggling to engage with their customers in the traditional ways. With this in mind, we started to offer affiliate artists the possibility to earn passive income by organizing the sale of merchandise on their behalf. And the Melanin Magic Crew came to life.  

Through us, makers of all kinds can earn effortlessly while we do the work leaving them to do what they do best: Create. 

Our ethos of positivity is reflected in our artist's choices and we are always looking to hear from new brown and black creators. We are here for anyone: We do not judge by the number of followers you may have but more by the quality of work you deliver and the results you get. The more you sell using your link, the more you get.  

We aim to build a community of small businesses and self-employed creators who share the same spirit and create durable relations where everybody wins.  


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