How Self-Love Affects Relationships?

How Self-Love Affects Relationships?

How Self-Love Affects Relationships? 

 How Self-Love Affects Relationships?

“You cannot love others before you love yourself”. This statement applies to all of us, but for many, it may appear super complicated.  

There is no doubt to say that self-love plays an important role in every relationship. Whether we talk about friendship, your relationship with the family members, or the romantic relationship with your partner; your feelings towards yourself affects your behavior towards others as well. When you do not treat yourself well, you will rarely feel motivated to do good to others.  

I think everyone needs to understand the importance of self-love. It can change the way you perceive your relationships. And of course, it is the best way to welcome happiness in your life. Below I have listed a few facts about how self-love affects relationships; these points will help you develop a clear understanding of this statement.  

People treat you the way you treat yourself 

If you treat yourself with love and respect, you will receive the same from others. But you are rude and cruel to yourself; you cannot expect others to treat you well. It is important to set higher standards for yourself, and it is possible only if you practice self-love. When you have an unconditional love towards yourself; you can share the same pure bond with others. Self-love will help you get rid of toxic relationships.  

You cannot rely on others to make you feel special 

When you become too much dependent on others and expect them to make you feel special; you actually get into an unhealthy relationship. When you don’t set up a loving and caring relationship with yourself, it will be difficult for you to reflect love towards your partner as well. Love yourself; even if your relationship is not on the planned track. Once you realise the self-worth, you don’t need anyone else to love you. However, you will have a balanced state of mind to lead a healthy relationship with others.  

Know what makes you happy instead of expecting others to do that 

If you don’t behave well to yourself; don’t give importance to your preferences and likings; how could you expect others to do so for you. Learn to make yourself happy; it will also help your partner understand how they can make you happy too. Figure out the language of love that your soul understands the best. Make efforts to be fair to yourself, and it will naturally motivate your partners to be fair to you. There is no need to compromise too much for any relationship; you need to balance yourself on the genuine self.  

Relationships should be a partnership and not a co-dependent situation  

This further potresses the point of not depending on other people to make you happy and feel loved. Co-dependence means – excessive emotional reliance on a partner. Typically, a partner who needs support due to an addiction or illness. This kind of relationship is toxic and can lead to something else if any of the partners lack self-love. When you’re over dependent on a partner, it is a scary situation to be in. Because when this partner leaves or even dies, you’re left devastated and feeling like you’ll never find anyone else. Breakups or separation is difficult for everyone, but being filled with self-love can make it easier to bounce back. Think of your relationship as a partnership, both parties are equally important, don’t get too emotionally and psychologically attached to your partner because it can make you miserable when things turn soar. It is cute to tell your partner that they complete you, but make yourself enough for yourself instead of searching for someone to validate your worth. Let your relationship for yourself set the tone for every other relationship.  

Final thoughts  

In short, self-love plays an essential role in building healthy relationships. When your mind stays calm and happy; it can share the same love and care with the others too. People will naturally get attracted to your personality. Self-love not just teaches you to treat yourself well; rather, at the same time, you will give equal importance to the feelings of your partner as well. It creates a balance in relationships.  



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