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By supporting us you support our mission of uplifting Melanin creatives across the country. The Melanin Magic Crew is a merchandising management company that helps start-up content creators and live streamers (YouTube, Patreon, etc.) gain immediate access to a sizable audience where they can showcase their merchandise with none of the cost or headache that comes along a owning traditional online boutique.

Creators earn a percentage of revenue on any item sold using their customized link, discount code, or pieces from their featured collection. Giving them a way to make easy passive income.

Positive messaging

Did you know that the subconscious mind is so powerful that merely seeing a phrase/ image plants in the memory?

Did you know all of our T shirts and merchandise feature catchy uplifting phrases and images created to subconsciously add positivity into the community?


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For our more expressive/ colorful designs check out our Amazon site!

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